Up in the attic with George Bush


Greetings from Kennebunk! Upon arrival at the Brick Store Museum, I was immediately given my first exhibit to research and install…an 85th birthday “salute” to George H.W. Bush. The Bushes are patrons of the museum and live up the road in Kennebunkport during the summer. So, with my desk up in the attic collections area, I got started looking through the massive amount of presidential memorabilia to research: campaign pins, family photos, toys, even George and Barbara slippers (which are decidedly ruled OUT of the exhibit). I’ve had to get in contact with the Bush Library in TX as well as the collector who donated most of the Bush memorabilia. It’s pretty interesting, actually! A reporter from the local newspaper will be visiting tomorrow to write an article on the upcoming exhibit, which is kind of exciting! The only problem is that I have do get everything finished and mounted by next Friday, Bush’s birthday. So we’ll see what I can do there. Trying to make this exhibit about a former president “not political,” because the previous exhibit on Bush at the Brick Store inspired a few visitors to demand their money back due to political disagreement. So there’s plenty of work to do.

As for the rest of the summer, I’m looking forward to it. My boss, the director, just started at this museum four or five years ago, and is doing an amazing job getting it completely renovated(hammers and nails are flying everywhere) and has gotten the museum really invested in the community. The museum itself is comprised of four separate buildings that are connected, named for the first building of the row, the Brick Store of 1825…kept as a museum by Edith Barry, for which my internship is named. More exhibits I’ll work on include quilts, trolleys, historic district celebration, and postcards. Hopefully it will be busy!

As for being here in Maine, I’m glad to be back! Luckily I was here at the end of May, because my golden retriever Dino passed away a few days ago and I was glad to be with him before that happened. Also, beautiful beaches abound! I don’t believe I’ll see the light of day between the museum and restaurant work, but…

Until next time – Vote for Bush/Quayle in ’88.


2 Responses to “Up in the attic with George Bush”

  1. doctormattdestruction Says:

    What about the exhibit made those visitors so angry?

    • cynwalker Says:

      The simple four-letter word of “Bush”, apparently. The visitors apparently interpreted the exhibit as the museum’s support of Bush’s policies, except the exhibit was about his home, not his politics.

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